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When people are suffering from a type of anxiety disorder, usually they will feel intense worry which can interfere with their normal activities. Anxiety disorder is different from your normal anxiety that you experience from time to time especially during trouble times. If you feel that the anxiety is starting to take over your life, then you need to see a doctor straight away. He will be able to diagnose the type of anxiety disorder and recommend proper treatment to get rid the problem.

There are several types of anxiety disorder and they can have different symptoms and intensity. Therefore it is essential to involve medical professional in this situation so they can correctly identify the type of anxiety disorder as well as giving the most effective treatment for you. With proper treatment, you will return to your old self more effectively and quicker. You will realize the importance of proper treatment for anxiety disorder when you get one.

Common types of anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder. People who suffer from this disorder will feel intense fear or worry towards every small thing around them. The common physical symptoms for this disorder are headaches, fatigue, and upset stomach.

Another type of anxiety disorder is obsessive compulsive disorder. The symptoms of this disorder are obsessions, persistent unwanted thoughts, and compulsions, repetitive behaviors resulting from the unwanted thoughts. An example of this type of anxiety disorder is an obsession towards cleanliness and frequent hand washings.

Panic disorder is also a type of anxiety disorder. The attack usually last for around ten minutes and can manifest as physical and psychological symptoms. Panic attack becomes a disorder when you feel intense fear of having another attack and this thought occupies your mind all the time and interfere with your normal life.

Phobia is also considered as a type of anxiety disorder, which includes irrational fears towards a certain object or situation. Still another type of anxiety disorder is separation anxiety where a person has excessive fears that something bad will happen to others when they leave him. The last common type of anxiety disorder is social anxiety disorder is an intense fear towards public situation because they believe that others will judge them or embarrass them.

Treatments for the disorder in many cases depend on the type of anxiety disorder itself. However, common treatment for anxiety disorder usually involves a combination of psychotherapy and medications.

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