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There are many types of anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder is one of them. The statistic shows that social anxiety disorder is one of the most common diagnosed anxiety disorders. This is considered as a chronic mental health and people who suffer from this disorder feel intense fear related with activities or situations in the public. They believe that people surround them are watching and judging them,

There are specific symptoms that can be identified when you are suffering from social anxiety disorder which are different with other anxiety disorders. The most common symptoms are an irrational fear when you are in public with people that you do not know, fear to be judged by others, fear that people can see you being anxious, and you avoid social life because you fear of saying or doing the wrong things that can embarrass yourself.

What are the causes of social anxiety disorder?

Professionals believe there are some factors that can cause social anxiety disorder. One of them is biochemistry, which is considered as a major cause. Professionals believe that imbalance of natural chemicals in the body is the responsible factor of social anxiety disorder. For example, the imbalance of serotonin level in the brain can be a factor to cause the disorder. In this case, professionals prescribe medications that will balance the level of serotonin.

Another common factor that can be responsible for social anxiety disorder is genes. Although genes are considered to have high probability in causing the disorder, professionals still try to determine whether this hereditary condition is caused by genetics or because of behaviors that the sufferers learn from other family members.

Choices of treatment of social anxiety disorder

Choices of treatment for social anxiety disorder is very important for these people because in many occasion they have severe condition so they cannot function properly in their normal lives. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common prescribed therapy and it is considered as the most effective therapy to treat social anxiety disorder. The purpose of cognitive behavioral therapy is to change the way of the brain think and react towards certain situations. Another common therapy is exposure therapy. This therapy involves in introducing the sufferers to certain situations that they are afraid of. By gradually bring them to face these terrifying situations, they can learn that their fear is unrealistic and there is nothing to be afraid of.

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