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Nowadays, millions of people are suffering from generalised anxiety disorder. The condition in our world plays a big contribution in creating this problem. Everyday you need to live in this fast-paced world where the cost keeps rising and you need stay for long hours in the office. Your private life also increases the stressful condition, such as finding for love and maintaining relationship with your spouse. With all these factors, it is no surprise if generalised anxiety disorder is flourishing.

What is generalised anxiety disorder anyway? As indicated by its name, generalised anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that shows symptoms from various anxiety disorder categories. A person is diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder when this situation starts affecting his or her daily life.

For instance, a person cannot sleep at night because he or she keeps thinking about the works that need to be done on the next day and then this person wakes up in the morning feeling unwell. This is one symptom of generalised anxiety disorder. Another example, if you usually never have any difficulty to focus at work and now you feel the stress is making you unable to concentrate, then it is highly probable that you are suffering from generalised anxiety disorder.

Generalised anxiety disorder does not only affect profession career, but it can also affect your social life. If you feel fear to eat in public places because of the risk of choking of food poisoning, then this is a symptom of anxiety disorder. It is important to free yourself from this feeling because you will retreat from your social life and miss out all the funs that life can offer.

Therefore, after you read this article, if you feel stressful and worry and these feelings affect your daily life negatively, then you need to see your doctor immediately. It is probable that you have generalised anxiety disorder and your doctor will give you some advices or medications that can treat your condition. Some people wait too long to get help and the symptoms become worse over time. This is very unfortunate because they will need more serious treatments to get rid of the problem.

If you would like to have further information concerning generalised anxiety disorder, your doctor is the best source for you. Internet also offers lots of information regarding this topic. There are many forums and message boards that are managed by people who have the same problem. You can share experiences and advises through this online support groups. If it is available, you also can join local community group in your area and meet in person with people who have experienced the same situation as you.

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