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It is estimated that depression affects 17 million of people in the United States every year and therefore, it is important to understand depression anxiety disorder and symptoms. Through this understanding, you will be able to determine the problem and find proper solution for treatment.

There are five interesting facts that you need to know related with depression anxiety disorder and symptoms. First, depression anxiety disorder is not your common sadness. It is a physical illness showing various symptoms and not only unhappy mood. Depression can be caused because of chemical imbalance in the brain and not because of external factors, such as separation with loved ones.

Another fact related with depression anxiety disorder and symptoms is that children can suffer from this problem as well. For example, bullying and peer pressure can become factors in this situation. The last thing that you need to know is that depression anxiety disorder is completely treatable. There are many available treatments to solve your problem.

When discussing about depression anxiety disorder and symptoms, of course it is important to identify the symptoms. There are common symptoms related with depression anxiety disorders. Depressed mood, decreased pleasure, and fatigue are a few of them. Other symptoms include weight changes, sleeping problems, movement problems, and reduced concentration. Depression anxiety disorder can also manifest in guilt, worthless feeling, and even suicidal thoughts. If you are experiencing five or more of these symptoms in a period of two weeks, then it is highly probable that you suffer from depression anxiety disorder.

From the symptoms above, if you feel that you are suffering from depression anxiety disorder, there are choices of available treatment for you. Antidepressant medications are the most common type of treatment for depression anxiety disorder. Another option is psychotherapy, where the patient and a professional will have series of one on one talking session. Combination of medications and psychotherapy are considered the most effective treatment for depression anxiety disorder.

Electroconvulsive therapy can be given when the previous methods do not show any result to the patients. This treatment involves giving a short electrical pulse to the scalp to produce seizure. Another treatment is vagus nerve stimulation, where a device will be implanted to give stimulation to the vagus nerve.

If you need further information concerning depression anxiety and symptoms, it is best if you contact a mental health professional. Another alternative is to go to your local bookstore or joining a community that focuses on this issue.

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