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Anxiety disorder panic attacks may happen at any time, either you are in a social gathering or when you are alone in your home. Usually your hands start sweating, you feel a lump in your throat, and you seem to get choked slowly. The symptoms are similar as when you are experiencing heart attack, although actually they happen because the nervous system is exhausted. However, the symptoms disappear as quickly as they come. If you have experience this situation, it is a high probability that you are suffering from anxiety disorder panic attacks.

There are many factors that can cause anxiety disorder panic attacks, but usually they can start after certain traumatic event, such as the passing away of loved ones. Other causes of anxiety disorder panic attacks involve hereditary panic attack condition, phobias, self thinking, and lack of assertiveness.

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorder panic attacks say that the experience is very terrifying. They feel like dying, going mad, and cannot control themselves. Sometimes they feel a strong urge to flee from the place where the panic attack happens. In other occasion, people feel that they are fainting, which is not true because the state of the body will not let that happen.

In general, usually anxiety disorder panic attacks last for around twenty minutes and of course, you do not want to experience this situation for many times. The problem is there is no certain way to stop these panic attacks from happening. What you can do is to control yourself, especially if you have known that you have this anxiety disorder. You need take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Fortunately, some medications can help to treat these anxiety disorder panic attacks. The medications are necessary to regulate any chemical imbalance in your body that causes the panic attacks. Consultation with your doctor is important to get appropriate prescription in order to treat your condition. A medication like Zoloft is found to be effective in dealing with this anxiety disorder.

You need to keep in mind that medications need some times to work in your body. Usually after several weeks or months, the medications will start showing some improvements and your anxiety disorder panic attacks eventually stop from happening again. When you are suffering from this anxiety disorder, you should not feel despair because it can be fully treated.

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